We offer a vast array of 3D printing services. Save money by testing a one-off prototype before your product hits the production stage. We specialize manufacturing in low volume, instead of other businesses who can sometimes require a MOQ (minimum order quanitity) of an upwards amount of 5000+ units. 


Services offered with our custom built FDM 3D Printers Include:

-Rapid prototyping

-Print volume up to 12x12x17"

-Dual extrusion (Multiple colors and materials printed at once)

-2D to 3D modeling

-Product replication and reverse engineering

-3D Scanning utilizing modified Xbox360 Kinect Sensor with Skanect



Available Printing Material:

ABS- Impact resistant and heat resistant. Used commonly for automotive trim and bumper components. Keyboard keycaps and Lego's are made of ABS.

PLA- Biodegradable. Commonly used for water bottles, and tupperware. Less brittle than ABS, and can be more physically abused.

PETG- FDA approved. Prints easily like PLA, and has the strength and durability of ABS.

TPU- Flexible filament.

Exotics (upon request)-

  • Carbon Fiber: ABS, PETG, PLA, Nylon
  • Wood: PLA
  • Conductive Filament: PLA
  • Stainless Steel: PLA
  • CopperFill: PLA
  • BrassFill: PLA

*Please note that with the exotic filaments that they are not 100% Carbon Fiber, wood, steel etc. They are infused plastics with usually chunks of the material mixed in during creation of the filament. With the metal filaments, they share the same properties as a metal where they can be sanded/polished and have a heavier feel. Looks like a sand-casted part.


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