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3D Printed classic spherical shaped shift knob. Printed at .2mm high resolution, using only premium ABS filament. This material is extremely temperature resistant, so the knob does not get hot in summer, or cold in the winter. Weighing in at a moderate weight of approximately 150 grams, this shift knob is packed internally with lead within the six specifically designed cylinder cavities to ensure more precise shifting patterns rowing between gears. Each knob is built with a nyloc nut specified for the thread pitch of the shifter, so there are not any universal plastic adapters that break, or set screws that become loose over time with this product. On the bottom shaft of the knob, there is retainer designed for most shift boots. Every shift boot is different, so to close the gap between the knob and boot, you may need to use a nut underneath the boot to hold it up to the knob, or some other method to close the gap.


Please use the form above to choose the colors for the top, base, and Logo/Text.

SPECS: Approx. 150g, 60mm(H) x 50mm(D), ABS